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Concrete Stains are a mixture of water, hydrochloric acid and acid-soluble metallic salt.

They penetrate and react chemically in the concrete. They are a permanent part of the concrete.

Known for durability and long lasting color, concrete stain will not fade,chip,or peel.

They are also known for their translucent colors.

Acid Stains-works by chemically reacting with the concrete to change it's color.

use interior or exterior,

Use acid stain if you want permanent color that won't fade,chip or fade.

rich natural color variations. Deep earth tones that can be diluted to create amazing 


Water Base Stains--Water base concrete stains are a newer non-reactive option

for for concrete staining.

uv stable

can be used interior or exterior.

offer full spectrum of colors with longer working time

Offers more colors than acid stains.

use water based stains if:

colors not available with acid stains

create artistic effects by blending or layering colors  

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